Titus O’Neil Gave A Fan Money Out Of His Pocket To Buy Tickets To WWE’s SummerSlam Weekend

08.18.18 11 months ago 8 Comments


Titus O’Neil is one of professional wrestling’s ultimate good guys, as a Celebrity Dad of the Year award winner, a man who loves giving back to the community and someone who stands up for social issues such as sexual assault and racism.

For a guy who does so much, it’s difficult to be surprised anymore by O’Neil’s actions —he’s just an all-around good dude who does and promotes positive things. But O’Neil’s latest move was a spur of the moment decision, as he helped a fan by giving him money right out of his own pocket.

The encounter was described in a fan’s Facebook post, and it’s another small glimpse into O’Neil’s caring nature and willingness to reach out and help when needed.

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