Titus O’Neil Isn’t Satisfied By Hulk Hogan’s Apology

07.19.18 12 months ago 33 Comments


Hulk Hogan was reinstated to the WWE Hall of Fame on Sunday prior to Extreme Rules, where he addressed the locker room in the back and issued an apology.

Hogan has yet to make a public appearance with WWE since his reinstatement, but the news the company was bringing him back in the fold three years after severing ties with him following video of him using the N-word came out created plenty of conversation. Unsurprisingly, many have turned to the company’s African-American superstars for comment and their feelings on Hogan’s return.

Mark Henry said he was “optimistic” after his conversation with Hogan, but that Hogan still has more work to do. The New Day released a statement noting they were “indifferent” to Hogan’s return and that their mind could change if they see him “make a genuine effort to change.” Shortly after New Day’s statement, Titus O’Neil released a statement of his own on Twitter. O’Neil addressed the rumors he walked out of Extreme Rules and/or refused to shake Hogan’s hand, calling both false. He also echoed those sentiments from New Day’s statement, saying he was not satisfied by Hogan’s apology at Extreme Rules, “and it’s lack of true contrition, remorse and a desire to change.”

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