This Newly Released Footage Of Chyna Shows Just How Sad Her Situation Was Before Her Passing

In the wake of former WWE superstar and Women’s Champion Chyna’s untimely passing, questions have arisen as to just what lengths those around her went to seek treatment and help for the former wrestler. There’s no doubt Chyna was battling demons — her struggles with drugs and alcohol have been well documented, and she even spent some time on a celebrity rehab show.

The primary question, though, is why was there a documentary being filmed about her use and decline in health when she should have instead been in some sort of addiction treatment program? Perhaps we’ll never know the answer to that question, and hopefully the answer has nothing to do with her drug and alcohol abuse making good fodder for a documentary.

TMZ Sports has released the above video which is complied of several clips, filmed in the weeks prior to Chyna’s death. In it, you can clearly see a woman who was struggling. It’s tough to categorize her erratic behavior as drug induced, but she seems to be drinking alcohol in some of the footage, and she even references spilling booze in one instance.

In another segment, a large bruise appears under Chyna’s right eye, the result of what she described as an attack at a liquor store. Filmmaker Rob Potylo spoke to TMZ and said that he believed that the injury was caused by a fall due to inebriation, and that she was too embarrassed to tell that truth.

If these videos — filmed by Chyna herself — were cries for help, sadly, they were cries that went unheard. Chyna’s official cause of death is still under investigation.

(via TMZ Sports)