Tony Schiavone Is Officially A Full-Time AEW Announcer

ITV Wrestling

When reports first emerged about AEW hiring legendary NWA/WCW announcer Tony Schiavone, we didn’t really know exactly what his role would be in the company, considering AEW already seemed to have a full announce desk and Schiavone already had announcing commitments elsewhere. Now that the Schiavone’s signing is official, AEW’s press release clears things up considerably.

Schiavone is joining Jim Ross and Excalibur as AEW’s broadcast team for TNT television. That means he appears to be replacing Alex Marvez, whose name goes unmentioned. It does seem like there will be three play-by-play guys on commentary at once, but considering two of them are living legends and the third is pretty great at the job himself, I’m sure they’ll figure something out. Schiavone will also be a senior producer for AEW live events.

Here’s the full statement from All Elite Wrestling:


August 26, 2019 – All Elite Wrestling (AEW) today confirmed that it has signed renowned commentator Tony Schiavone to a full-time, multi-year agreement.

Schiavone, widely considered to be one of the most important voices in professional wrestling, joins AEW’s television broadcast team of Jim Ross and Excalibur. Schiavone will also serve as a senior producer for AEW events.

In addition to his work with AEW, the versatile Schiavone will continue his role as producer for the University of Georgia Football and Baseball Network, and will call the play-by-play for the Atlanta Braves’ Triple A team, the Gwinnett Stripers.

“Tony ‘The Silver Tongue’ Schiavone was the lead voice of pro wrestling at a time when it was dominating the globe,” said Cody Rhodes, EVP of AEW. “It’s a pleasure to have him join AEW as a senior producer and member of the broadcast team. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a UGA fan either. I think Tony is one of the most underrated lead men with the narrative of pro wrestling there’s ever been. I’m thrilled to get into the studio with him. Let’s welcome Tony to All Elite Wrestling.”