See What’s Coming Up On ‘Total Divas’ With This Exclusive Mid-Season Tease

Contributing Writer

By now, you’re all sick and tired of my insistence that Total Divas is the greatest television show of all time. And while that is objectively, empirically true, I will save you from my gushing (mostly) and just let you know that we’re now up to the midway point of season seven, the season where Rusev met a baby pig.

While the show remains extremely good (and even more so with the infusion of new cast members Alex Bliss, Nia Jax, and Carmella), the holidays are nearly upon us, which means the show will be going dark for the next couple weeks while everyone spends time with their family or whatever.

So the sad news is no new Total Bellas for the remainder of the year, but the GREAT news is that there’s a mid-season teaser here to get you pumped for what’s still to come in season seven.

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