Total Divas Post Match: Miami Vices

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Previously on Total Divas, Nia Jax tried to trick her friends into setting up her new house, while Paige and the Bella Twins smashed cars with sledgehammers.

But enough living in the past, let’s look at the one biggest match that was Season 8 Episode 6 of Total Divas:

The Miami Double Birthday Battle Royal


Only one match this week, but it features everybody except Naomi (who probably spent a nice relaxing weekend with her husband, so good for her). Nia Jax and Natalya have birthdays the same week, so they girls all decide to go down to Miami and have a blowout. Nia’s less than thrilled about this, because she just bought a house and thinks it might be fun to sleep there one day, but she’s persuaded that it will be an awesome time with all of their friends (except for the friends who aren’t cast members, but that’s how this show works).

Nikki, Lana, and Paige have also made plans to surprise the birthday girls with cool and unexpected stuff while they’re there, but apparently nobody told Brie that, so she’s scrambling to come up with a good surprise at the last minute, while also being annoyed that Nikki keeps leaving her out of group texts.

One thing Paige has done, which isn’t even her main surprise, is hired a handsome 21-year-old bartender to serve them drinks in their suite. I’m not even sure he is a bartender, actually, because Paige says she hired him from a modeling website, and all he actually seems to do throughout the episode is pour shots. We never seem him shake a shaker, let alone muddle anything. To be fair, though, there’s plenty of need for shots poured, especially with Lana around. The young model/bartender also tries to flirt with Nikki a bit, but she calls him a baby even as he tries to boast that he hooks up with older women at the club. “I don’t even go to the club anymore,” says Nikki, a statement that’s technically disproven by the end of this episode.

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