Total Divas Post Match: Dipping Your Toes In

11.02.18 10 months ago 2 Comments


Previously on Total Divas, the girls went to Miami for Nattie and Nia’s birthdays, where they drove a lambo, had a dance contest, and were reluctant to eat sushi off of a naked man..

But enough living in the past, let’s look at the one biggest match that was Season 8 Episode 7 of Total Divas:

Paige Versus Nia Jax


I love Paige, as you know, but for real this was one of the most ridiculously contrived Reality TV storylines in Total Divas history. Even though Paige is still a full-time performer with WWE as the General Manager of Smackdown, she’s concerned about her post-wrestling life, and specifically the fact that she’s never really had a job outside of wrestling. So she decides to “try out” some normal-people jobs, and drags Nia Jax (who’s actually worked outside of wrestling before) along with her.

Paige’s life is fascinating to contemplate. I don’t think you can exactly call her privileged, because you don’t get the impression that the Bevis family has any money to speak of, they just happened to be a wrestling family. Stephanie McMahon, for example, is the daughter of an undeniably rich and privileged wrestling family, and the most she did at 13 was model kids’ merchandise in WWE catalog, as opposed to Paige who debuted in the ring at that age.

But the point is that Paige knows nothing of working life outside the Business, so with Nia she’s going to briefly sample some regular jobs, in that way that only having a Reality TV show allows you to do. Then they decide to make it a contest (complete with scoreboard graphic) because it wasn’t quite Reality TV enough. Never mind the fact that unless things go even more disastrously for Paige than they have in the past, at her level of achievement the she’s ever likely to get to waiting tables at a pizzeria is probably owning her own “Paige’s Pizzeria” and employing a fleet of servers herself.

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