It Looks Like Triple H Isn’t Going To Stop Wrestling Anytime Soon

WWE is still doing their spring cleaning, but amidst the contract releases come new contract signings. Triple H, whose performer contract expired March 29, has reportedly signed a new three-year deal to keep the King of Kings in the ring.

PWInsider is reporting that WWE has filed paperwork with the SEC for a new three-year term:

The deal was dated 5/9/16, so he and WWE expects he will still be wrestling, at least, through Wrestlemania 35. The deal would then renew annually until either party informs the other that they want to terminate the deal and not continue to renew.

Triple H’s previous contract was a 10-year deal signed in March 2006. There’s no word on the monetary figures attached, but before this he had one of the highest performer contracts, just behind Brock Lesnar, and similar to names like John Cena and Randy Orton.

This doesn’t guarantee that we’ll be seeing him be an active member of the roster — especially given his actual corporate duties and NXT nannying gig — but it does give him the freedom to wrestle when he wants. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently showed up at numerous WWE Live events during their tour of Europe.

(h/t PWInsider)