Triple H’s Emotional Speech At Lemmy’s Memorial Explains ‘The Most Kick-Ass Thing Of All-Time’

Back in December, Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister ascended to Heaven in a chariot of fire, because “passed away” doesn’t do him justice. Lemmy’s memorial service from Los Angeles was streamed live for 250,000 people and featured some of the biggest names in rock history, from Slash to Rob Halford.

WWE’s Triple H was also there to speak, and if you’ve ever wondered about what Lemmy contributed to the world of pro wrestling, let The Game explain:

“And trust me, if you’re not a fan of what we do, if you’re in a stadium with about 80,000 people in it and you’re coming up on a riser onto a stage with smoke all around you and the world title around your waist and you look to your side as you come up with lasers and pyro and Motörhead playing and f*cking Lemmy is standing next to you singing about you, it is the most kick ass thing of all time.”

The full speech, which includes both an explanation of why Lemmy was such an inspiration and a story of Lemmy telling Triple H sucks to his face, is a must-watch. You can check out the video at the top of the page.

Rest in power, Lemmy.