Twitch Is Going To ‘Play Wrestling’ And It Sounds Completely Bonkers

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12.02.17 7 Comments


If you’re at all familiar with the mostly-video-game streaming platform Twitch, then you’re probably generally aware of the “Twitch Plays” series. Because this is a wrestling website, and because what we’re about to describe might be the single most absurd wrestling event to ever take place, we’re going to go back a few steps and tell the uninitiated what “Twitch Plays” is all about.

Ok. As we already established, Twitch is the industry-leading video game streaming platform. You’ll often find streams of every major eSports tournament on Twitch, along with random strangers playing anything from WWE No Mercy to Streets Of Rage in their living room.

“Twitch Plays” is a sort of social video game experiment hosted on Twitch that really started taking off in 2014 with Twitch Plays Pokemon. On every live Twitch stream, there is a running text chat, and programmers figured out a way to use in-chat text as an input method for controlling whatever game is being live streamed. So, for example, Twitch Plays Pokemon was a running live stream of the Game Boy classic, Pokemon Red, with Twitch users actually playing the game collectively by telling the on-screen avatar what to do using the live chat.

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