UFC Hall Of Famer Tito Ortiz Was Spotted At The WWE Performance Center

Tito Ortiz is a combat-sports legend, having held the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship for three-and-a-half years, successfully defending the belt five straight times and holding the record for the most wins in UFC’s light heavyweight division at 15.

He also has dabbled in pro wrestling before, appearing multiple times throughout the years in Impact Wrestling, first as a guest referee then later as a member of Aces & Eights. More recently, Ortiz faced off against former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio in a ceremonial title-vs.-title match, which he won handily. So now that he has a WWE championship, might as well take the next step, right?

Last week, Ortiz was at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida for multiple days, as initially reported by the Wrestling Observer. PWInsider elaborates that it was an “introductory meeting” between WWE and Ortiz, who in addition to meeting with WWE personnel also underwent some basic pro wrestling training to see how the WWE system works.

Ortiz had previously commented to PWInsider that he would be down to make the jump to WWE, remarking last year:

“You know, I’ve seen that Cain Velasquez is taking the step over to develop pro wrestling, so that would be a good one. Or even someone like Brock Lesnar would be another good one, and vice versa. You come over here, I’d go over there. And you know, whatever they have for my future.”

At 45, Ortiz’s body likely doesn’t have many years left in combat sports, whether it be legitimate or for entertainment purposes. Would you want to see him in a WWE ring against Brock Lesnar?