Vince McMahon’s Response To The Titus O’Neil Incident Was Reportedly Almost Much Worse

One of last week’s most talked-about most confusing stories was the suspension of Titus O’Neil, following a bizarre altercation wherein he touched WWE Chairman Vince McMahon during Daniel Bryan’s retirement celebration. O’Neil was suspended for 90 days for the touch, later reduced to 60. There’s been a lot of speculation as to why it even happened; one report suggests that O’Neil was trying to “be a gentleman” and let Stephanie McMahon make an exit before her father, another says they were just horsing around and McMahon took it too seriously, and there’s even talk of it being race-related, though that’s been denied. Former stars like Batista have told O’Neil he should’ve left the company, and a new wrinkle from the New York Post reveals he almost didn’t have to.

According to sources, McMahon had to be talked out of firing O’Neil for the incident, which is why the original suspension was so long.

All that over this:

That was a good call from H and Mercury. The suspension is already being talked about in ??? Memes, God knows WWE doesn’t need the PR nightmare of its chairman firing one of the company’s most charitable stars for touching him. Maybe Titus should’ve taken Batista’s advice. Is there a role for The Contemplator in that Guardians sequel?

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