John Cena Explained Why Vince McMahon And Roger Goodell Are The Same Villain

Roger Goodell Vince McMahon

For anyone still shaken up about a WWE Superstar hosting a sports awards show, John Cena explained why the careers of pro wrestlers and NFL stars might not be so different.

From the ESPY Awards:

“Vince McMahon, a maniacal billionaire pulling the strings behind the scenes who uses every trick in the book to manipulate things to his advantage any way he can. something like that, that is way, way too crazy for real sports. Or maybe we have more in common than you think. Maybe.”

Can we get a followup where he retroactively compares Sepp Blatter to Lucha Underground‘s Dario Cueto? Would MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred be NXT’s William Regal? I gotta know how this all shakes down.