Imagining The Vegas-Style Odds For Vince McMahon’s WWE Return At ‘Sin City Smackdown’

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Vince McMahon’s first appearance on Smackdown since 2013 is big for Las Vegas sports. It falls somewhere between future WWE Superstar Conor McGregor’s match last month and (bold prediction) the Las Vegas Oakland Raiders winning Super Bowl 52 this season.

The last time Vince had a much-hyped appearance in Las Vegas was when the WWE Network was announced, so there’s no telling what could go down tonight.

In honor of Sin City and sportsbooks, and in celebration of the boss coming back to live TV, here’s Vegas-style odds of what could happen on Smackdown Live tonight.

(Please note: This is all for fun. These are not actual, real betting odds for Smackdown Live. If you really feel like gambling on pro wrestling, just Google around.)

Kevin Owens Talks Vince Into Reinstating Shane for a One-on-One Match at Hell in a Cell (-100)

The most logical move here is that Kevin Owens begs the boss for a sanctioned match against his son. Vince will accept the challenge with some bizarre stipulation tied to Shane’s control of Smackdown that may or may not be taken seriously, regardless of the match result.

Vince McMahon Enters the Ring to a New Version of “No Chance” (-1,000,000)

The most iconic entrance music of all time will never get a reboot, should never be remixed, and will never not be the most perfect theme music for the Chairman.

Plans for a New Commissioner Are Set Into Motion (+100)

If Shane O’Mac is not the longterm man for the job on the blue brand, this is the ideal setup for it. Following his announcement that the suspension is being upheld, Vince McMahon reveals the hunt for a new Commissioner is on. What if Jinder Mahal got to make the call and he hired the Singh Brothers? Champion 4eva!

The Seeds Are Planted for a “Survivor Series: Deadly Games” Callback with Kevin Owens as the Corporate KO (+500)

This is never going to happen, but do you know what else is never going to happen? I’m never going to stop fantasy booking another night like Survivor Series 1998, when The Rock intercepting Big Bossman’s nightstick made me fall back in love with wrestling. Look, we already got a taste of Corporate KO; let’s go all in. Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon is the dream WWE pairing.

Since we’re here, some additional prop bets for the big show:

Tye Dillinger Wins the United States Championship (10/1)

Over/Under Number of Old Entrances Dolph Does This Week: 2.5

Over/Under on Number of Times Fans are Caught on Camera Not Knowing Any Words to Bobby Roode’s Theme Besides “Glorious”: 12

Vince wants to return to his roots as a minor-league hockey owner and buy a piece of the NHL’s Golden Knights Expansion Team (-5,000)

Cameras Show Carmella Visibly Giving James Ellsworth the Tongue (-150)

Vince Doesn’t Know What the Mae Young Classic Is (+100)

Smackdown Live’s Name is Officially Changed to the “Kevin Owens Show” in exchange for KO joining the Kiss My Ass Club (-750)

Enjoy the show tonight, Universe.