Imagining The Vegas-Style Odds For Vince McMahon’s WWE Return At ‘Sin City Smackdown’

09.12.17 6 months ago 3 Comments

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Vince McMahon’s first appearance on Smackdown since 2013 is big for Las Vegas sports. It falls somewhere between future WWE Superstar Conor McGregor’s match last month and (bold prediction) the Las Vegas Oakland Raiders winning Super Bowl 52 this season.

The last time Vince had a much-hyped appearance in Las Vegas was when the WWE Network was announced, so there’s no telling what could go down tonight.

In honor of Sin City and sportsbooks, and in celebration of the boss coming back to live TV, here’s Vegas-style odds of what could happen on Smackdown Live tonight.

(Please note: This is all for fun. These are not actual, real betting odds for Smackdown Live. If you really feel like gambling on pro wrestling, just Google around.)

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