Wrestling Superstar Virgil (And Coolio!) Are Part Of A Pornstar’s Presidential Campaign

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08.22.17 5 Comments

Here’s something I bet you didn’t expect to read on a Tuesday morning: wrestling superstar Virgil is the personal bodyguard (and, eventually, Secretary of Defense) for a porn star’s shockingly real bid to become President of the United States in 2020. Hey, our current President hosted a reality show and is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Stranger things have happened.

The candidate in question is Cherie Deville, who launched her campaign on PornstarForPresident.com. That page is safe for work, if you were wondering. I mean, I wouldn’t go browsing around or throwing a google at her if you’re at work, but you can check out her platform — not a joke — and get informed.

In 2020, America will have the opportunity to elect a candidate for president that will actually bring REAL change, a President they can finally trust. Boasting an impressive educational background that includes a doctorate, America will have the chance to elect a woman who has never let anything stop her, thriving in a male dominated industry to reach the very top.

Cherie’s love and compassion for her fellow Americans has led to her Presidential run. Watching what’s gone on with our country over the last several months has brought DeVille to a point where she can’t just sit around and watch the country she loves so deeply destroyed. Cherie is kind, generous and most of all, a true leader. Deville/Coolio 2020 is prepared to do what it takes to shock the world!

I contacted F*cking Awesome, the adult entertainment portal that stepped up to sponsor her campaign, and I’m kinda blown away — again, not a joke — by how appealing the campaign is. She’s an advocate for marijuana legalization, supports universal health care, is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and she wants to take care of the environment instead of, say, running it over with a bulldozer and paving over it with nuclear sludge. If you look at what she has to say, you’ll be closer to actually voting for a porn star for President than at any point in your life up until now. Or for the dozenth time, I don’t know you.

Amazingly, the campaign also features:

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