Wale And Asics Reveal Shoes Inspired By The WWE Intercontinental Title

When it comes to celebrity wrestling fans, there is no one more passionate about the sport than Wale. The 31-year-old rapper has made no secret about how much he loves wrestling in his lyrics and just in his everyday life, and he’s even previously said he wanted to start his own wrestling company or maybe get a job with WWE.

Now Wale is bringing his love for pro wrestling into the world of sneakers, teaming up with Asics and Villa to present the ‘Intercontinental Championship’ sneaker. The shoe was first unveiled to the world by none other than current NXT champion Samoa Joe on Twitter.

The design of the shoe is obviously inspired by the IC title belt with the primary gold color being supported by blue, just like the classic Intercontinental Championship.

Arguably the version of the IC title these kicks most resemble is the Attitude Era iteration. The belt design obviously changed over the years, and by the Ruthless Aggression era, it had really taken on a hideous design. Thankfully, Cody Rhodes restored the belt to its most iconic look when he won the belt in 2011, and the design has remained ever since.

The Wale and Villa’s ‘Intercontinental Championship’ Asics Gel-Lyte IIIs are set to be released on July 21.

(Via Thestashed.com)