William Regal Shared A Scary X-Ray And Advice For Young Wrestlers Taking Crazy Bumps

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03.14.16 14 Comments
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Over the weekend, a clip of New Orleans wrestler Amaiya Jade getting German suplexed onto an open folding chair made the rounds. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here. Fair warning: It’s not for the weak of heart. Normally the chair is supposed to crumple under the body weight of the person being suplexed, but nope, Jade just kinda lands on the top of her head and keeps rolling. According to her Facebook, the suplex gave her a “severe concussion.”

NXT GM William Regal (who recently had neck surgery that for all intents and purposes may have ended his in-ring career) weighed in on the bump, sharing his perspective and an objectively pretty-horrifying X-ray of his own neck.

Here’s what Mr. Regal had to say:

Really take a second to look at that. It looks like he swallowed an aisle at Home Depot.

If you’re going to listen to advice from any pro wrestler, it should be William Regal. His notes on becoming a pro wrestler are essential. Also essential: watching his matches and realizing you are nowhere near tough enough to do the stuff he did. For example, never let Fit Finlay punch you in the face for real. It doesn’t end well.

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