WOW’s Faith The Lioness Brings An Exaggerated Version Of Herself To The Ring


Anyone who’s tuned into the new WOW Women of Wrestling show already knows that it features a cast of characters with big personalities, from the cocky “born legend” Tessa Blanchard to the imposing Beast to the adorable Eye Candy. When Faith the Lioness, a rookie wrestler with a background in music and MMA, makes her first appearance on WOW tonight, she promises to make an impression before she even gets in the ring.

When With Spandex spoke to the sunny multi-hyphenate at L.A. Comic Con in October, she described her unusual start in wrestling. The nineteen-year-old Lioness says she decided to audition for WOW when her mom saw an ad for the show “on Actors Access sites… and I love wrestling already, so I was like ‘That sounds amazing.'”

Though Faith had only been wrestling for “four or five months… but almost every day” by the time of the WOW TV tapings, she’s been a performer and athlete almost her entire life. “Basically, I’m an R&B-pop artist. I’ve been a dancer and performer since I was four, as well as MMA. I started MMA and Taekwondo when I was four years old as well because my mom was like, ‘You need discipline!’ She tried putting me in a dance class when I was two and I did a strip tease at my first recital…”

Faith brings her music and dance background to WOW in the form of an entrance song and dance routine she wrote herself and produced with her friend and collaborator Nazz Travagant. “My dad was in a hair ’80s rock band, so I grew up with rock, but as a dancer, I have that urban, hip hop influence in me, so… for my entrance song I mixed rock and hip hop kind of together” to appeal to the “broad spectrum” of wrestling fans.

Wrestling isn’t the most typical route for a young artist trying to make it in Los Angeles, but Faith sees that as a positive thing. “In L.A., just in entertainment in general, you have to think about what’s going to make you different, you know, as a person. Everyone wants to be an actress. Everyone wants to be a singer, dancer, and it’s like, a lot of people are like, ‘So if you had to choose one, what would it be?’… Why not all of it?”