WWE Shared An Official Sneak Peek Of The WrestleMania 32 Set, And It Looks Amazing

Our first look at the WrestleMania 32 set was just a giant, empty floor and a bunch of meticulously arranged production equipment. Our second look showed us a big logo and an even bigger star, but not much else. Now, per Thursday’s edition of Smackdown, we have our first official sneak peek at the set, and it looks incredible.

Take a look:

So it’s not just one giant star, it’s two! I think the coolest thing to point out is how big that screen is. We already knew it was big, but look at it in relation to the Hell in a Cell. The Hell in a Cell makes wrestlers look tiny, and the cell structure is practically pixel-sized compared to the video screen. So hey, good news for anyone who bought $200 tickets that are a mile away.

Everything will look even better once setup is complete, all the chairs are in the right place, and 90,000 people are making Roman Reigns make confused faces. Can’t wait to see the finished product.