The Spirit Of WrestleMania Is Alive And Well In The Madness Of This Backyard WWE Tribute

With WrestleMania tonight, Australian madpeople RackaRacka decided to show their appreciation by uploading another crazed video. Instead of focusing on Mortal Kombat or pitting Game of Thrones against Lord of the Rings, the chaos pays tribute to WWE and the granddaddy of them all.

Our friends are just sitting around, taking in a little bit of Raw in the buildup to WrestleMania. All it takes is one nasty comment about The Undertaker’s WrestleMania performances to unleash all sorts of hell that includes a Paul Bearer reference, some very cool sweet chin music, a Yes chant, an almost proper Stone Cold Steve Austin imitation, and then some very illegal chair shots.

It’s the type of video they warn you about ahead of ever WWE event or DVD release, reminding you that you can be seriously injured if you try to do what these performers are attempting in the ring. But by the time you start to question the safety involved with this video, someone is being suplexed into a double decker plywood stack.

There’s a lot of love here, even including the Ron Simmons backstage goofiness you’ll likely see at some point tonight with the Freebirds and Slick dancing around backstage. It’s great and we should salute the effort.

(Via RackaRacka)