Matt Hardy, Keith Lee And More Open Up About Their Passion For Wrestling In A New Documentary

We’re basically living in a golden age for documentaries about professional wrestling. There are, of course, the terrific documentaries that WWE puts out with DVD releases, and the WWE Network offerings like WWE 24, but there are even more wonderful things happening in the world of independent wrestling. There’s a new documentary about über-popular U.K. promotion PROGRESS, a Morgan Spurlock-distributed doc about a weirdo Northwestern company, and a slew of mini-docs from Kenny Johnson about popular indie wrestlers.

Now we’ve got another amazing upcoming documentary about independent wrestling from a very talented filmmaker. Ray Zombie, who worked with our own Brandon Stroud on the upcoming Seven Hill City, has directed Wrestling With Independence, a film that takes a look at the passion that goes into sticking with life as an independent wrestler. You can support the film at their IndieGoGo page, and here’s a description of the film:

Wrestling With Independence is a passion project that stems from my love of Wrestling and my appreciation for the work these people put into to reach their goals. I have the unique opportunity to work with many wrestlers, both new and well known, and throughout my time filming and directing independent wrestling shows I have come to grow a great respect for the men and women who put their lives into wrestling. They have amazing stories to tell, and I have the ability to share those stories.

There is a ton of talent involved in the project, some of whom you can see in the IndieGoGo video below (which includes the first three minutes of the film). Matt Hardy, Keith Lee, Sami Callihan, Joey Ryan, John Morrison, and a whole lot more will talk about their passion, drive, and dedication to the art form.

Again, you can click through to the IndieGoGo page to support the film and secure a copy of the documentary for yourself.

After all, you can never have enough wrestling documentaries. That’s just a fact.