The 24/7 Championship Changed Hands Seven Times Over The Weekend

The U.S. Title isn’t the only championship to change hands at a recent WWE live event (congrats to El Idolo, by the way!). Over the weekend, WWE’s 24/7 Championship changed hands a total of seven times throughout three house shows in New York City, Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

R-Truth entered and exited the weekend as 24/7 champ, but in between, he lost the belt to Samir Singh, who then lost it to Sunil Singh, who then lost it back to R-Truth — and that was just in New York City. The following night in Pittsburgh, Truth lost the strap to Samir, who then lost it to WWE ring announcer Mike Rome, of all people, who was then rolled up by Sunil for the 1-2-3, who was then pinned by Truth. Those four title changes all took place in under a minute, as seen below:

The following night in Baltimore saw Truth dropping the belt to Samir before winning it right back, bringing his cumulative reigns to 28. In fact, this makes Truth tied for most decorated WWE Superstar in history with Raven, with 32 combined championship reigns between all titles with a lineage recognized by WWE. (Raven won the Hardcore championship 27 times in addition to a few mid-card and tag team title runs in WCW.) Maybe we should start calling him Future WWE Hall Of Famer R-Truth?