Did You Catch The Easter Egg At The End Of The WWE 2K17 Hatch Reveal?

During Monday night’s Memorial Day edition of WWE Raw, 2K revealed that the #Hatch mystery promoted throughout the week on social media had been a tease for former WCW and WWE legend Bill Goldberg’s inclusion as a pre-order download for the upcoming WWE 2K17. The commercial for the reveal is great, especially if you try to figure out how Goldberg ended up in a sealed hatch in the woods, and what he’s been doing to keep busy for the past decade. Did Jerry Flynn get locked in there with him?

Wait, did you catch that easter egg at the end?

Now, it’s debatable to even call it an “easter egg.” You might have just naturally noticed it like you’re presumably supposed to and consider it “the end of the commercial,” but a lot of people seemed to have missed it, so we’re sharing it here. NOT EVERYONE WATCHES COMMERCIALS AS WELL AS YOU.

But yeah, check out the reflection in the window when Goldberg’s getting his police escort. Or when he’s being arrested for loitering in a hatch, whichever.

Yep, Goldberg is on his way to Suplex City. The last time he was there it was just a Suplex Municipality, when Golderg clashed with Brock Lesnar in a bizarrely disappointing but memorable match at WrestleMania XX. Is this a tease of things to come, or just a reference to the past? Both Brock Lesnar and Sting made WWE returns/debuts after being included as exclusive DLC for WWE games. Is Goldberg/Lesnar II happening somewhere down the road?

Until then, somebody check that hatch and see if they can find Glacier.