Alberto Del Rio Says He And Paige Initially Bonded Over Being Third Generation Wrestlers

Few things in pro wrestling have been more discussed over the past year than the relationship between Paige and Alberto Del Rio. While the HOT GOSS has mostly died down, the couple is just now beginning to open up about how the relationship came about and other things that don’t involve attacking a Ninja Turtle.

In an interview with Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, the couple talked about the upcoming movie based on Paige’s life. Paige, understandably, is extremely excited about the film, because of how hard her family has worked for her whole life to succeed in the wrestling business. That led Del Rio to note that their respective long family histories in wrestling is what initially drew them together when they were both on the road with WWE.

“That’s what brought us together, because we started riding together, flying together, going to places – and this is something funny because I always promised myself that I wouldn’t date someone from the business. But that’s what brought us together because she’s a third generation wrestler, I’m a third generation wrestler, we go through the same stuff. When you’re in this business you bleed, you cry, you go through a lot of things and it’s amazing to have someone next to you to help you go through all of those things. Good or bad.”

It’s very important to have common interests and points of reference. While coupling happens all the time within professional wrestling because it’s a very distinct fraternity, it’s a very select group of wrestlers whose grandparents were also in this line of work. So yeah, it’s as good a place as any to hit it off and realize that the two of you have even MORE in common than you first realized.

(h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription)

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