WWE Superstars Try Jelly Beans That Taste Like Vomit, Dog Food And Spoiled Milk

No matter what your opinion is of Roman Reigns, we can all agree that we want to watch him eat something that tastes bad, right? That’s not just me? Well, you’re in luck, because WWE has put together the above video of WWE Superstars doing the “Beanboozled challenge,” which we’re just going to go ahead and assume is a thing.

The way it works is: you spin a dial, and there are a bunch of jelly beans in a bowl. You have to eat a jelly bean of the color/design that the spinner landed on. It might be a delicious sweet treat, or it might taste like something you definitely don’t want to put in your mouth. There’s no way to know which until you bite down and get those disgusting juices flowing.

Of all the people to give it a shot in the video, the only wrestlers who emerge unscathed are Seth Rollins and Big Cass, so good for them. Reigns might have the best reaction, though. He definitely knows what spoiled milk tastes like.
Basically, though, the star of the whole affair is Rusev, who is his usual, charismatic, charming-as-shit self, even while eating gross-ass, nasty-ass, Jim Duggan-ass jelly beans. Look at this beautiful boy:

Rusev: CHARM.