You’ll Never Believe Who Big Show Names As The Stiffest WWE Wrestler Of All Time

WWE icon the Big Show has been missing from WWE television lately, but that has just freed him up to hit the press rounds extremely hard, continually delivering some of the most entertaining stories you’ll hear, considering the guy has been in the business for over 20 years now. Heck, he even talked to us about a butt-humping WCW mummy.

But while the man gears up for one last high-profile match against Shaq at next year’s WrestleMania, he’s dishing the dirt fast and free, and spilling the beans about the hardest-hitting people he’s ever gotten in the ring with. In an interview with Games Radar, secret serious gamer Big Show was asked who the stiffest person he’s ever faced is. And although Sheamus receives high marks, he can’t compete with one extremely surprising name.

“Sheamus [above] and I used to beat the snot out of each other. When we were feuding I would sit on my bus at night and look at all these bruises all over me and be like, “this is supposed to be a work.” Good guy, though. Great attitude. Sheamus doesn’t have a ‘work’ speed, he just hits the piss out of you. So you give it back, or you get beat up.

“Christian is worse,” he continues. “He’s a potato thrower. Every time he punches you, his bony ass couldn’t hit any harder. He is the stiffest guy in wrestling. Ask Jericho, ask Edge, he is the stiffest guy you’ll ever work with in the ring.”

CHRISTIAN! This Christian:

That guy is the stiffest guy you’ll ever get in the ring with. I would never in a million years have guessed that name. Not ever. Not even if you had said “It’s a member of Edge and Christian.” Watch, in 10 years we’ll find out that Dean Ambrose was in there giving everyone floppy-armed concussions every night.

Let us hope that Big Show stays on his press tour forever and never stops giving us all the gift of Big Show hot goss.