Watch The Big Show Break The Ring Ropes During An Ill-Fated High-Risk Maneuver

Back in the day, the Big Show used to be incredibly nimble and athletic, especially for a legitimate giant. In fact, back in his Giant days, the guy would occasionally throw a standing dropkick. Now that Big Show has been taking some time off to focus in part on getting in shape and has recently dropped a ton of weight, he’s clearly feeling good. Or maybe it’s just that he’s thinking about how to steal the show at WrestleMania 33 now that he’ll be facing Shaq in a long-awaited battle of the big celebrity men.

Either way, during a recent WWE live event in Manila, Big Show was feeling his oats and decided to try a plus-sized Vader Bomb (no lean feat, given the already-plus-size of Vader) onto his opponent, John Cena, from the second rope. As he bounced a bit (not even all that much, really) to build momentum, the dang rope just snapped clean off the post at the turnbuckle and down went Big Show in a heap of Big Showness. A quick Attitude Adjustment from Cena later, Show was toast. Way to add injury to insult, John.

Here’s an alternate view, because the internet is a wonderful place:

Luckily, Show was able to halt his momentum since he was already hanging onto the top rope. But I’m going to guess this is the last time in a while that Show tries to get airborne. After all, bad things tend to happen when Big Show falls from really any distance at all.