WWE Announcer Renee Young Reveals She Will Also Be Exclusive To One Brand

The WWE Draft and the first episode of the new-look Raw have come and gone, but there are some questions still left unanswered about the new era of the WWE brand extension. For example: what will become of everyone’s favorite backstage interviewer and pre-show analyst, Renee Young? Well, there is good news and bad news: she is still around, but you’ll only be seeing her on half as many shows from now on.

On the heels of WWE’s huge commentary team shake-up, their main face of interviews and hosting duties revealed on Twitter that she will be heading over to the blue brand, beginning this week.


So now you have yet another reason to start (or keep?) (nah, start) watching Smackdown Live on Tuesday nights. This is a very good development for Young, who lives with Dean Ambrose in real life. Ambrose, the current WWE Champion is now Smackdown-exclusive. And since Ambrose and Young will be featured on the next season of “Total Divas,” this makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons.

But those aren’t the only movings and shakings going on in announcer land. Longtime NXT ring announcer Greg Hamilton appeared at Battleground on Sunday, splitting ring announcing duties with JoJo. When a fan asked Hamilton whether he’d be on the main roster going forward, he clarified he would still be mostly in NXT … for the time being.

So much announcer news! Watch your back, Lilian Garcia. It’s entirely possible you’ve been drafted and no one has told you.