There Is Now A Line Of WWE Candy Bars, But None Of Them Are ‘Sexual Chocolate’

It seems like the biggest revolution that CM Punk sparked in WWE was a renewed interest in wrestling merchandise you can eat. F.Y.E., the mall chain of entertainment and media shops, recently partnered with WWE to release actual boxes of Booty-O’s cereal, which gave us the classic moment of Puff Daddy inquiring about Big E’s NUTS.

Now F.Y.E. and WWE are back at it again with a full line of eight Superstar-branded chocolate bars, four of which appear to be plain milk chocolate bars with different names.

The eight options on offer:

– John Cena “C” Salt Caramel milk chocolate
– Bray Wyatt Fearfully Dark chocolate
– AJ Styles Phenomenal milk chocolate
– The New Day Hand Clappin’ Pop Rock chocolate
– Randy Orton Apex Predator milk chocolate
– Seth Rollins The Architect’s milk chocolate
– Finn Bálor Chipotle Dark chocolate

Hey, pal, don’t touch that milk chocolate. That’s the big dog’s. The option that looks the best here is The New Day’s bar, because Pop Rocks in chocolate is a truly wonderful treat.

They really missed out on not having a Mark Henry “Sexual Chocolate” bar, because that was basically the one layup they had going into this, and lord knows Mark Henry can use some merch at this point. You can pick these bad boys up at your local F.Y.E. … If you have a local F.Y.E.

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