Watch Cody Rhodes Provide ‘Commentary’ For His Worst Match Ever

Cody Rhodes has been a treasure trove of stories and insights since leaving WWE. Like, a mostly good-natured trove of them. The Bullet Club member and new staple of the Ring of Honor roster is just having a grand old time out there on the independent scene, and now we’ve got a delightfully cringe-worthy story of what Rhodes thinks is his worst match, told with glee and aplomb.

During a recent Bullet Club YouTube Q&A, Cody talked about the worst pro wrestling match he’s ever been a part of, which was a six-man Smackdown tag team bout during the Dashing Cody Rhodes era. Perhaps not surprisingly, the original Sin Cara was involved. Reddit, home of good pro wrestling video ideas, took the YouTube video and laid it over clips of the match as a way of providing a Cody Rhodes “commentary track” for the debacle that was this very special match. Please enjoy Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson and Sin Cara, the only way it can really be watched.

Leave it to Sin Cara to respond to falling on his ass by booting the other guy square in the dick for no reason. Also, poor Ezekiel Jackson. Also also, “THAT REF WAS TRYING TO F*CK ON ME.” Plus bonus insight about referee bonuses for calling matches like a shoot! So much insight in such a compact little video! Thanks, Reddit!