The WWE Cruiserweight Title Belt Might Have Gotten A New Look

10.16.17 5 months ago

WWE Network

Ever since the advent of the WWE cruiserweight division with the debut of last summer’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament, the defining characteristic of the division has been “purple.” When the cruisers were incorporated into Raw, all cruiserweight in-ring segments got their own look. Purple lighting, purple branding, and famously, all the ring ropes were taped up in purple for the (very short) matches, and the tape was then removed again before non-cruiserweights got back in the ring.

The idea was to make the cruiserweights an attraction and set them apart; to give them their own spotlight and signal to fans that they were watching something new and different. In theory, it was a really fantastic idea. In practice, it sort of made the cruiserweights stand out in a BAD way; like they were ostracized and not able to be part of the “real” Raw. Or at least, that was the popular conception.

The purple lights and purple ropes on Raw have slowly gone to the wayside. Maybe it’s because WWE is finally taking the division seriously after adding Enzo Amore, or maybe it’s just that they finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. Either way, the de-purpling of the cruiserweights has begun. The purple ropes are still in effect over on 205 Live, and they’ll probably remain there, just like NXT has the yellow ropes.

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