Two WWE Divas Adopted Adorable Dogs And It’s The Only News That Really Matters

There’s so much happening in WWE right now that 2016 is already totally wild, despite us not even making it through the month of January yet. AJ Styles made his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble, and top NJPW star Shinsuke Nakamura isn’t far behind him. WrestleMania could happen without John Cena, but there’s a chance we could see Daniel Bryan (maybe) (hopefully) (oh god give him back to us). Triple H is your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and Bo Dallas incinerated Flo Rida in a rap battle. Totally. Wild.

All of this is interesting and noteworthy for sure, but listen: We need to stop all of this and start talking about Nikki Bella and Eva Marie’s new dogs.

Despite her best efforts to avoid surgery, Nikki will have to go under the knife soon, severely delaying her return to WWE. Her in-ring progression was clear before she was sidelined with a neck injury, and that’s a total (Diva) bummer for sure. Luckily, she’ll have this cool dude to keep her company:

His name is Winston and also JUST LOOK AT HIM:

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Winston doesn't understand Uncle JJ's whistling haha

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If John Cena’s never gonna put a baby inside of her, this is clearly the superior outcome. It’s clearly the superior outcome even if he was gonna put a ring on it and a baby in it, though, right?

Holy sh*t yes it is.

If that’s not enough to make you stop everything you’re doing and obsessively watch videos of baby French Bulldogs doing anything, meet He-Man and Mini:

Much-maligned NXT Diva Eva Marie and her dope husband Jonathan adopted these two dope little guys, and oh my god, they are so dope:

They even have their own Instagram account, which I followed and texted to like three people faster than an NXT crowd can chant YOU CAN’T WRESTLE:

Is it too late to scrap everything E! and WWE have planned for Total Divas and make the rest of the season about these guys? I’m pretty sure at least one of them could effectively replace Nattie (T.J. and the cats can stay). Is it too late to replace John Cena on Raw with Winston? Can we also get my favorite Instagram Frenchie Tofu in the mix somehow? Come on, WWE. You know you want to.