Sabu Explained Why The WWE Version Of ECW ‘Went Down The Drain’

The always amazing and wonderful living legend Sabu has been making the sit-down interview rounds lately, dishing the dirt on pretty much everything that happened in his career. Of course, this is a blessing to every wrestling fan, because we desperately crave that HOT GOSS.

For his latest feat, Title Match Wrestling asked for his opinion of his time spent in WWE as part of their ECW reboot, and he said he ended up being pushed to the side and forgotten about because he wasn’t interested in kissing ass. I know that might come as a shock to you, but it’s true! Sabu didn’t want to kiss ass!

He has his own take on why WWECW failed, which is probably pretty accurate.

“[WWE] promised me — first I said no, then I asked for more money, and they gave me more money, then they said, ‘We want to keep Sabu as Sabu. We don’t want to change nothing. We want Sabu the way he was in ECW.’ … That worked out for a couple months, and then they slowly started changing me. And then they kind of pushed me to the side, and just used me to get the young guys over, which I didn’t mind doing, but [the New Breed wasn’t] ready for it.

“Like Elijah Burke, and Monty Brown. Nothing against Monty Brown, I love Monty Brown, but he wasn’t ready for the big push. There’s a few other guys … especially Elijah Burke. He wasn’t ready for it. Mike Knox, he’s a great guy, but he wasn’t ready for the push. A lot of the guys weren’t.

“What they did was, they took our top ECW guys, and they put us over for a couple of months, and they had us get smashed by these new guys, and nobody bought it. That’s why the shit just went down the drain; nobody bought it. They’re not going to believe these guys are tough one week, the next week they’re not tough.”

Check out the full interview clip below. It’s good stuff. Title Match Wrestling also has other Sabu interview clips on their YouTube channel, and it’s a slow day, so spend it with your old friend the homicidal maniac.