WWE’s Fandango Rates His Various Dance Partners

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WWE’s Fandango is currently entrenched in one of the most entertaining and fulfilling acts in all of professional wrestling, the Fashion Police, alongside Tyler Breeze. We love the guys to death and we recently got a chance to talk to them over WrestleMania 34 weekend, and you can listen to that entire interview on the latest episode of McMahonsplaining, the With Spandex Podcast.

But one thing we wanted to make sure to ask ‘Dango was about his ballroom dancing days (in WWE), which if you can believe it, started way back in 2013. When he first came onto the scene, he was paired with the first of what would be a line of ballroom dancing valets. Although said ballroom dancer, Andrea, wasn’t around long, she captivated fans’ imaginations, and is still talked about to this day as Fandango’s best compatriot (Tyler Breeze excluded).

When we had the opportunity to have Breezango as a captive audience, we wanted to be sure to ask Fandango about his opinion and thoughts of Andrea, and whether he loves her as much as the WWE Universe does.

“She was sweet as a peach,” said Fandango, remembering her fondly. “I think she was 21, 22 [years old]? A real professional ballroom dancer. She was a pro, yeah. And I think the WWE wanted someone that could go in the ring. I think they actually approached her about getting trained to learn how to wrestle, but I don’t think that was something that she wanted to do, coming from the ballroom world.”

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