WWE Friday Night Smackdown Open Discussion Thread (10/18/19)

Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Friday NIght Smackdown open discussion thread:

With the dust settled from the WWE Draft, Superstars are jockeying to stand out on the SmackDown roster. Roman Reigns aims to snatch the Intercontinental Title away from Shinsuke Nakamura after Sami Zayn called out The Big Dog in Twitter, a Six-Pack Challenge Match will decide SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley next challenger on the same night that the new titleholder will be a guest on “Miz TV” and The New Day and Heavy Machinery will battle The Revival and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Shinsuke Nakamura will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Roman Reigns, a great followup to that “Nakmura got bitten by a dog” story from a while back. Hopefully Roman punches Sami hard enough to send him back to NXT.

2. Smackdown Women’s Champion Evil Bayley will appear on Miz TV, and will hopefully attack Miz with the stage board with a nail in it she used to murder her inflatable tube men.

3. A Smackdown Women’s Championship opportunity is on the line in a six-pack challenge. Where’s ODB when you need her?

4. The New Day team up with Heavy Machinery against The Revival and Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Is it still the Draft?

5. It’s a new NEW new era, so let’s see if it gets any better.

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