The Best And Worst Of WWE Hell In A Cell 2017

Previously on the Best and Worst of WWE Hell in a Cell: Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks made history by main-eventing a pay-per-view inside Hell in a Cell, The Brian Kendrick became Cruiserweight Champion, and Kevin Owens won a Hell in a Cell match via interference from his best friend. Guess which of those three things happens again THIS year!

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Here’s the Best and Worst of WWE Hell in a Cell for October 8, 2017.

Best: Match Of The Night, Again

Let’s get the easiest talking point for Hell in a Cell 2017 out of the way first; the New Day vs. the Usos stole the show at Battleground, it stole the show at SummerSlam, and it stole the show here. If they say nuts to the “final match” of the feud stuff and give New Day their rematch at Survivor Series, it’ll steal Survivor Series. It’s almost like these guys are very good at tag team wrestling, and like tag team wrestling is the best thing in the world.

Random observations:

  • Big E needs a singles push. I’d say “now,” but he probably needed one a year ago. You don’t have to break him away from New Day. In fact, don’t. New Day helps put his weird personality into context. Just give him singles matches designed around letting him shine, and then let him truck dudes until he’s too old to truck. Bonus points if you bring back “five.”
  • Xavier Woods is the truth, man. I think the biggest accomplishment of the Usos vs. New Day feud has been turning Woods from a horn-blowing manager who never gets to wrestle into the MVP of the team, and maybe the best pure in-ring babyface WWE’s got right now. He’s out Sami’ing Sami, especially after tonight. Woods’ headbutt when he was cuffed was magnificent, and if we’re truly getting New Day away from the tag straps for a while, send Woods after Enzo when Kalisto fails. How great would it be to see a smart guy who can work dissecting a prawn Muppet who can talk but has the working IQ of a pile of felt?
  • The Usos are the greatest. They happened to time getting great character work with having great matches to be my favorite thing about these shows in a really long time.
  • This also might’ve been the best Hell in a Cell match since they stopped being about cages and bleeding. The cavalcade of weapons, some personalized, some not, were great. Woods having multiple trombones and colorful kendo sticks under the ring was a nice touch. I also liked how creatively a lot of the props were used, so it wasn’t just watching dudes set up spots and go through the motions.

Speaking of that, shout-out to the kendo stick trap, even if it didn’t hold Uce for very long.

Great stuff. Far and away the best part of the night, because it combined a lot of the ridiculousness spottiness of McMahon vs. Owens with an actual, functional, believable pro wrestling match. If I had to rank the series, I’d go SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Battleground, and then the Smackdown street fight. But they’re all great, so rank them however you want.

Uce and Uce vs. Breezango next, yes? Yes?

Best: The Fashion Files

Speaking of the one thing Smackdown should never be without again, Tyler Breeze and Fandango (finally) return to either wrap up or totally not wrap up the “2B” story and accidentally shade The Ascension to their faces. I think the happiest thing about the Fashion Files segments is how they’ve managed to make Konnor and Viktor into likeable characters, even when they’re dressed like delivery men with Hulk Hogan mustaches.

I decided to put the Fashion Files bit here so I wouldn’t have to write about the Randy Orton match.

[deep sigh]