Jeff Hardy ‘Would Love’ To Bring The Broken Universe To WWE

Matt and Jeff Hardy certainly have plenty on their plates right now. They’re currently signed with Ring of Honor, where they’re the current tag champs. They’re also possibly being sued by Impact Wrestling over using their “Broken” characters on the indies. But that hasn’t stopped the speculation that they’ll end up in WWE at some point. And they’ve both done their part to help fuel those rumors.

In an interview with SEScoops, Jeff not only confirmed that the Hardys’ contracts with Ring of Honor are short-term deals, but he also talked about how much they’d love to take their act to WWE.

“[I]t’s a short term deal [with ROH] and it’s cool because we can still work the indies like we’ve been doing. We’ve really had a good time on the independent circut. We sell a lot of merchandise and take a lot of pictures with fans. It’s great to be your own boss and being able to do TV with Ring of Honor as well.

“I would love to introduce the Broken Universe to WWE eventually. I think it would be huge. As far as character driven or just a fresh vibe in in the pro wrestling world, yeah I think eventually I’m sure I’m going to jump back into the solo dimension and I’d love to be the world champion again. In my career in WWE, if it works out, the whole Hall of Fame and all that stuff. It started there and I’d like to end there. For now, I’m just having a blast doing the indies and I love the Broken Universe stuff with Matt, I think it’s the best thing he’s ever done. It’s just hard to keep a straight face around him at times, but he can be serious and make sense in a weird way, it’s just so fun. I hope it lasts as long as it can.”

Jeff also touched on the legal situation with Impact Wrestling and said it was “very heartbreaking” after he gave seven years of his life to that company. He believes that if Billy Corgan has not been forced out and had been able to take over control of Impact, he and Matt would still be there. You can check out the full interview here.

So Jeff is once again talking about how much he wants to go to WWE and be champ again before he calls it quits for his career. And the ROH deal isn’t long-term. All the pieces seem to be in place, and it looks like it’s just a matter of both parties putting them together.