John Cena Nailed This Hulk Hogan Impression On ‘Maya And Marty’

As we all know, Hulk Hogan and WWE aren’t actually on speaking terms right now. The Hulkster was released from WWE and removed from their Hall of Fame after recordings of his post-coital use of racist and homophobic slurs (everybody’s got a “thing,” I guess) were released to the public. Despite Stone Cold Steve Austin saying that Hogan should one day be forgiven, and Triple H very diplomatically saying he hopes one day Hogan and the company will “make amends,” the only association the company has had with the disgraced former champion was The Rock interacting with a drunk guy in a fake Hogan wig.

Leave it to WWE’s biggest Superstar John Cena to take that fan’s cosplay to the next level. On Tuesday’s episode of Maya and Marty, Cena (alongside Eva Longoria) gave his very best Hulk Hogan impression, and holy smokes did he ever nail it.

Is this another step forward in making amends between the company and Hogan? Yeah, that’s incredibly doubtful. Is it proof positive that John Cena can get away with pretty much anything at this point? Absolutely. Do I ever want to hear the word “Hulkgasm” again for as long as I live? NOPE.