You Might Never Guess Why Kane Has Been Off WWE Television Lately

You likely haven’t thought about it until just now, but Kane hasn’t been seen on WWE television since November of last year, when he decisively won a mini-feud against Luke Harper. He was dealing with some injuries at the time, but there’s a bigger story for why he has stayed off television since then.
According to a report from Sportskeeda, Kane has asked for some extended time off from WWE for two big reasons. The first is that he’s planning on running for mayor of Knox County, which he’s been thinking about for some time. (Yes, they refer to the county administrator as a “Mayor,” it’s fine, don’t worry about it.) He’ll be tossing his hat into the mayoral race in 2018 and we might be looking at the beginning of the political career of noted wrestling libertarian Glenn Jacobs.

The second, and more mundane reason for his departure is that Kane is taking some time to focus on the insurance agency that he runs with his wife. The Jacobs Agency! It’s a real thing! They’ve been in business for a couple years now, and if you live in Knoxville, Tennessee, you can literally buy auto, home, life and RV insurance from Kane. Sportskeeda also notes that the dude’s downside guarantee from WWE is $905,000 a year plus first-class travel, so … you know … he’s doing pretty okay. (And WWE is obviously super okay with not paying him that guarantee while he’s taking extended time off. Everybody wins!)

Jacobs already has a non-Kane Twitter account that he will presumably use to heavily ramp up what is expected to be a Republican bid for Knox County Mayor. You could say the 2018 election season is … heating up.