Jim Ross Thinks Kevin Owens ‘Stole The Show’ With His Raw Promo

Our own Brandon Stroud already wrote a pitch-perfect analysis and breakdown of Kevin Owens‘ absolutely dynamite rebirth-of-sorts spotlight promo from Monday’s episode of Raw, but it might end up being one of those moments we talk about for a long time. Hopefully, anyway. The moment felt like Owens finally achieving his perfect and final form, but it appears that wrestling fans weren’t the only ones who were big fans of the segment.

No less a notable figure than good ol’ Jim Ross took time on his latest podcast to talk about how he felt Owens stole the show on Monday, which is no doubt exactly what the prize fighter set out to do. (Transcript via WrestleZone.)

“On Raw on Monday Night, I believe that Kevin Owens stole the show in the first moment. It was a really good promo. I loved the way it was shot, and how his face filled the camera, filled the screen, I guess I should say. Kevin Owens delivered the goods on Monday Night with that promo and that’s not an easy thing to do. He went out there and he remembered his directions, and more importantly delivered the verbiage to where I remember most of it, which is really good. I tip my hat to Kevin Owens to that.”

Ross also joined fans in being blown away by the Braun Strowman/Big Show match, and how WWE continues to not screw up the Strowman build (mostly). But Owens’ pipe bomb of sorts to open the show was the big takeaway for a lot of people, and we all hope this is just the beginning of a version of Kevin Owens that everybody — including WWE — takes very seriously.