The Rock Reminded Us All How Far Kevin Owens Has Come In Just Five Years

The Rock was, of course, in the building and backstage for Monday night’s episode of Raw. And in between shooting scenes for his Paige-based movie and giving Vince McMahon palpitations by calling CM Punk from the middle of the ring after Raw went off the air, he was palling around and visiting with all of his old friends and colleagues.

One of those newer friends and colleagues is current Universal Champion Kevin Owens, who first struck up a hilarious Twitter friendship with The Rock back when he was one of the most popular indie wrestlers in the world, Kevin Steen. In 2012, The Great One had no idea who Kevin was. Five years later, he’s holding the top title in the company. Oh, and he beat John Cena in his first night on the main roster. You probably forgot about that part.

Anyway, The Rock took to Instagram to tell the tale of how he first heard about Kevin Owens, and how far the guy has come since then, which the snarkier fans among us tend to forget about from time to time.

Thanks for the awesome dose of perspective, Rock. And thanks for the added perspective that no matter how much life might get you down, just remember that The Rock can’t grow a beard.