Roman Reigns Couldn’t Stop Laughing When Kevin Owens Heckled A Fan During A Match

Senior Editor, Sports
12.29.16 17 Comments


If you’ve been watching WWE in 2016, the odds are good that Kevin Owens has made you laugh at some point. Now you can rest easy knowing you’re in good company, because not even Roman Reigns is immune to the hilarious antics of the longest-reigning Universal Champion in history.

For years, Owens has been the undisputed master of working a crowd. It’s one of the main reasons he became such a sensation on the independent scene, and his brilliance at being a jerk on the fly is likely one of the characteristics that initially made WWE view him as an asset. His jaw-jacking genius with ringside fans occasionally shows up on television and pay-per-views, but the house shows are where he really lets loose.

During Wednesday’s Raw brand live event in Brooklyn, Owens had Reigns in a chinlock and began running down a fan at ringside by bragging about how much money he makes. It was all way too much for Reigns, who began cracking up so much that he had to cover his face.

Man, that is just wonderful. You’d think by now Reigns would be used to Owens’ antics, but the fact that he keeps coming up with such gold off the top of his head is what makes me love the guy so much. I’ll miss his telling Reseda fans to go f*ck themselves, but I guess as long as he keeps making his fellow WWE main eventers laugh, that’s good enough for me.

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