Linda McMahon Had Her Confirmation Hearing And No One Could Stop Looking At Triple H

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01.24.17 35 Comments

Are things weird enough yet? Nah, things probably aren’t weird enough yet. We already knew that Linda McMahon would be Donald Trump’s pick to lead the government’s Small Business Administration, and on Tuesday, she had her confirmation hearing … and she brought along her daughter and son-in-law, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

If you thought maybe a Linda McMahon confirmation hearing would be weird, guess what: it was even weirder than you thought it might be. I mean, it was surreal enough given that real United States Senators were interviewing Linda McMahon about a position high up in the federal government, but there was also a whole lot of wrestling talk. During a Presidential cabinet confirmation hearing.

Linda actually did get grilled a good deal on certain things, like climate change, the issue of independent contractors (PRETTY PERTINENT), and so on, but as these confirmation hearings go 100 percent of the time, she gave political answers that don’t really say anything.

Extremely interesting was Linda’s opening remarks, where she said as a business owner and CEO, she would never ask an employee to do anything she herself wouldn’t do, which has never been more accurate. Linda McMahon played a drugged-up zombie forced to watch her real-life husband copulate with other women, and has taken Stunners, People’s Elbows, and Tombstones. No one can say she hasn’t always been willing to do anything she’s ever asked of her employees.

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