Here’s Cleveland Superfan The Miz Watching The Cavs Win A Championship, Just Like He Predicted

WWE Superstar The Miz is known for his outrageously overconfident attitude. At the start of the NBA season, it was easy to attribute his insistence that the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the NBA Championship to a mix of that often-misguided confidence and season opener naïveté. As the season progressed and the NBA finals approached, the Intercontinental Champion was at it again, predicting that the Cavs would bring it home:

They are healthy this year, they are ready to go, and I cannot wait for them to go to the NBA finals, and hoist that trophy up, and bring a championship to Cleveland because – let’s face it, I’ve brought like 13 championships to Cleveland. Some other team – some other person – needs to bring a championship there.

Lo and behold, after being down three games to one against the heavily-favoured Golden State Warriors, Cleveland powered through the deficit in stunning fashion to win the NBA Championship. Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to be happy for the Miz — and most Cleveland fans, really — after watching him totally lose his sh*t as his prediction came true.

WWE had their own take on fans’ reactions to the Cavs’ victory:

Well…I mean, it was kind of like that. Though fellow Cleveland native Dolph Ziggler was overjoyed at the win, his night looked a little more like this: