Mojo Rawley Says He Owes His WWE Career To The Gronkowski Family

Mojo Rawley has come a hell of a long way since being a butt-themed, energetic NXT rookie who happened to have his own rooting section. While he’s been trying to find his bearings on Smackdown with his Hype Bros teammate Zack Ryder on the shelf, the one thing that has remained a constant for fans is Rawley’s close association to Rob Gronkowski and the rest of the Gronk Clan.

In fact, that connection is what got Rawley in the door with WWE, according to Mojo. In an interview with ESPN, Rawley talked about how the Gronkowskis are “like family,” and it was Rob’s father, Gordon (who Mojo refers to as “Big G,” because he’s always Mojo Rawley), who had an in with WWE in a sense, as he was college roommates with Mike Rotunda, AKA I.R.S.

“Big G is how I got my job here,” Rawley said. “He knew I wanted to be here and I was always a fan, but I didn’t have any idea of how to actually get here. I just thought it was some unreachable, unattainable goal I had. I mean, how do you get to the WWE? Well, one day Big G and Mr. Rotunda had a conversation about me and Mr. Rotunda seemed intrigued by who I was, and a couple phone calls later I had my opportunity. I’ve always said just give me an opportunity and I’m going to make the most of it.”

And as far as Rob goes, Mojo once again repeated his desire to get Gronk involved in a WWE storyline or match. He says he and Gronk have been wanting to do just that “for years” and that one day all the pieces will fall into place. So be ever vigilant, because Gronk could be lurking just around the corner at any given WWE event.