WWE And NJ Transit Are Pointing Fingers On Who’s To Blame For The Terrible Post-WrestleMania Issues

04.08.19 4 months ago

WWE Network

WrestleMania 35 went off the air with Becky Lynch holding two championship belts over her head while fireworks exploded, but the night ended much differently for fans in attendance at MetLife Stadium.

Due to the show ending on Monday morning at 12:30 AM instead of the normal WWE PPV ending around 11 PM on the day they air — you know how it goes — a large portion of an 80,000-strong group of fans were left looking for a way home. Public transit shut down at 1 AM, so if you weren’t lucky enough to get on a bus out of there, you were stuck dealing with Uber and Lyft drivers charging anywhere from $100 to even $200 for rides home. Personally I managed to get out fairly quickly, but still paid 80 bucks to get from MetLife to Manhattan. The less fortunate ended up in the parking lot until 3 AM, in a downpour.

If you’re looking to know who’s to blame here, the fingers are pointing in every direction. New Jersey Transit issued a statement on Monday saying the lack of transportation was due to WWE not telling them the show was going to run so much later than advertised, and that they’d done the best they could.

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