WWE Fans Inside The Manhattan Center Weren’t Thrilled With Raw 25

01.23.18 1 year ago 13 Comments

Last night, WWE aired Monday Night Raw in New York City from two different locations as part of their Raw 25 celebration — the Barclays Center and the considerably smaller Manhattan Center, the same place the show started a quarter-century ago.

Tickets for both shows were hot commodities, with the promise of real-deal legends such as Steve Austin and the Undertaker making appearances, with Manhattan Center tickets running upwards of $400 a person just to get in the building, with floor seats reaching close to $1000 — and that’s not even taking into consideration prices on the secondary market.

While no specifics were announced ahead of time, such as what exactly would be taking place at each venue, fans who dropped the cash to be inside the Manhattan Center for Raw’s first live broadcast in that venue in more than two decades certainly had expectations — and judging by the internet, those expectations were definitely not met.

The Manhattan Center crowd was forced to watch a large portion of Raw on TV monitors, as the bulk of last night’s show was broadcast from the Barclays. Nearly halfway through the show, fans began voicing their displeasure with the lack of action:

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