WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 11/24/14

Tonight, on a With Spandex WWE Raw open discussion thread we must GET DONE:

With the passing of one pay-per-view, the future of WWE has been completely transformed, as The Authority has been ousted from power by Team Cena and Sting has now stepped in a WWE ring! Now, in the wake of one of the greatest Survivor Series main events ever, a new day begins. What will the future hold? Will special guest Larry the Cable Guy have anything to say about it? WWE.com looks to put the future in focus. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. If you haven’t read the Best and Worst of Survivor Series 2014 yet, make sure you do that so you’ll know what’s going on. Here’s the quick version: James Hetfield came back from the dead and attacked Triple H, and now John Cena’s the boss. Or something.

2. GIT R READY for Raw special guest LARRY THE CABLE GUY, who is at least a cognizant human being and not a drugged house cat. He should book Greg Valentine and Roddy Piper in a Blue Collar Match, where they stand across the ring from each other and affably riff on hillbilly stereotypes.

3. ALSO STING IS HERE. If he’s the real thing (and not Jeff Farmer in a clever disguise) I want him to prove it. I want him to declare there’s only one man in WWE he can trust: The Big Show. I want him to become GM and spend 3 hours trying to convince John Cena that the Authority has probably changed and deserves their power back. I want Triple H to emerge from a man-sized birthday present and attack him. BRING OUT SAD CURRENT LEX LUGER, LET’S DO THIS RIGHT.

4. The Authority is out of power! That means the world will lie in anarchy, with no one to make the rules or organize the matches. Raw will feature WWE’s top superstars driving makeshift cars through an endless desert wasteland, looking for someone to tell them to settle their differences IN OUR MAIN EVENT HERE TONIGHT. Or, you know, someone else evil will take the job and the cycle will repeat.

5. Tonight marks the final night of Brie Bella’s indentured servitude to her sister, and her Machiavellian plan to get the Divas Championship on Nikki and then beat her ass for it will come to fruition. Either that, or she’ll sprout horns and cackle for ten minutes.

As always, 10 of the best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column. Nominate your favorites for consideration by replying to them with a +1. We’ll be here all night, so have fun and enjoy the show.