The Shield Teased A Reunion On This Week’s Raw


This week’s episode of WWE Raw kicked off with the return of Roman Reigns to announce his cancer is in remission. Right after his extremely well-received speech, he reunited with his former co-Hound of Justice, Seth Rollins. The storyline between Rollins and the last member of the trio prevented Dean Ambrose to come out for the most heartwarming possible moment, but the show’s semi-main event teased that we could see a full Shield reunion in the future.

Later in the show, Ambrose wrestled a rematch from last week against Drew McIntyre, but his requested No DQ stipulation led to Elias, who the Lunatic Fringe had attacked earlier in the show, legally interfering in the match, attacking him from behind with his guitar. This led to McInytre pinning Ambrose. To add insult to injury to “wow, this heel alliance is still happening,” Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley entered the arena to join McIntyre and Elias in a post-match beatdown of Ambrose.

Fortunately for Ambrose, his former brothers he had feuded with and/or talked trash about for months still had his back. Rollins, then Reigns entered the arena to fight of Ambrose’s attackers. The Atlanta crowd was extremely happy to see Reigns back in the ring busting out his signature moves.

We didn’t get the iconic Shield pose after the dust settled, but there was something like a nod of recognition from Ambrose to Reigns and Rollins after they left the ring. After this, it isn’t hard to believe we’ll see these three men fighting from the same corner again soon.