5 WWE Raw Superstars Who Would Benefit From A Manager Right Now

10.03.17 10 months ago 10 Comments


There are different types of pro wrestling managers out there. There’s the advocate. The brains. The sports agent, the best friend, the family member. There are also different reasons for pairing a wrestler with a manager. Their microphone skills are lacking or the character on their own just isn’t believable.

Managers can be more than a mouthpiece, more than eye candy. And the WWE product is sorely lacking in a department that many fans in the 25-plus demographic miss from their childhood.

Titus O’Neil may not be doing much for Apollo Crews at the moment but it’s a start and we all know both of those guys need a little extra something. Here are five more Monday Night Raw Superstars who would benefit immediately from being “accompanied to the ring” by a manager. And don’t forget to check out last week’s 6 Smackdown Live Superstars who would benefit from a manger.

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